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Black Emotional and Mental Health Collective (BEAM)
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From the website: BEAM’s mission is to remove the barriers that Black people experience getting access to or staying connected with emotional health care and healing. We do this through healing justice based organizing, education, training, grantmaking and advocacy.

Address: 925 N. La Brea Ave., 4th Floor
City: Los Angeles
ZIP Code: 90038

The Safe Place
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From developer Jasmin Pierre:
“The Safe Place” Is a Minority Mental Health App geared towards the Black Community. African Americans are 20% more likely to experience serious mental health problems than the rest of the general population. However, many black people still do not wish to seek professional help for their mental illnesses.
The Purpose of the “Safe Place” is to bring more awareness, education, and hope to this serious issue. Not only can the black community benefit from this app, but also mental health professionals, friends, and family, of ALL colors can be better educated on this issue and do a service by directing their black friends, co workers, etc. to the app.

 All races go through mental illness, but we also can experience it differently because of our race and social backgrounds. “The Safe Place” can also be a great learning tool for mental health professional’s to better understand their black patients.

App features include:
*Black Mental Health Statistics
*Inspirational Black Quotes
*Self Care Tips On
1. How to Cope After Police Brutality
2. Mental Health In The Black Church
3. How to talk to black family members who may not want to understand mental illness
4. Breathing Techniques
5. Meditation
6. Exercise
*Mental Health Videos And Podcast
*Mental Health Articles
*Open Forum Discussions And More!Available for Android and iPhone.

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