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Apelah Specialized Foster Care
Long Business Description:

Improve well-being and promote independence throughout life’s stages with quality an compassion.

Phone Number: (601) 991-2224
Address: 304 Highland Park Cove
City: Richland
ZIP Code: 39157

Aunt Joyce’s Kids
Long Business Description:

MISSION: To provide educational, financial, and domestic assistance to single-parent caregivers of children with chronic and catastrophic illnesses.

VISION: Our vision is to be the caregiver’s helping hand as they care for their chronically or catastrophically ill child in the United States and across the world.

Phone Number: 601-214-0156
Address: P.O. Box 3981
City: Jackson
ZIP Code: 39207

Canopy Children’s Solutions
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Long Business Description:

Canopy Children’s Solutions (Canopy), formerly Mississippi Children’s Home Services, is Mississippi’s most comprehensive nonprofit provider of children’s behavioral health, educational, and social service solutions.

Center for Integrated Behavioral Innovations, Inc. (CIBI)
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Long Business Description:

From the website: We are the first ABA Virtual Consulting Clinic in the state of Mississippi and surrounding areas. We are planning to offer our parents the following services to minimize their drive time namely, ABA, Speech, Occupational, Physical therapy along with parental capstone will be offered in one location. CIBI offers parents to consult with Doctoral level BCBA’s who have a wealth of knowledge and rich “best practice” experiences will be able to provide virtual and face to face consulting. We have Special Education Proctors who will assist parents who are first time participants in the IEP process. Our mission is to create innovative ways to change disruptive behavior, increase positive education experiences and introduce social development skills for all clients. We provide services to children ages 2 to 14.


Phone Number: (601) 918-2565

Community Links, Inc.
Long Business Description:

From the website:

Community Links will enhance the quality of life and strengthen the community by providing and promoting comprehensive, culturally sensitive, and flexible programs/services to ensure that youth and families have access to, and receive; innovative community mentoring, respite care, age-appropriate resources and referral linkage, quality health and wellness services that include, but not limited to emotional, intellectual, physical, social and vocational development, and a stimulating environment for training.


Respite Care/Community Based Mentoring
Integrated Children/Youth Summer Programs
Respite Care Training
Referral/Crisis Line
Youth Development/Training

Phone Number: (601) 963-0613
Address: 1060 East County Line Road, Suite 3A-302
City: Ridgeland
ZIP Code: 39157

Disability Connection
Long Business Description:

Disability Connection is dedicated to the mission of: 

“Creating a Connected Community to provide social support, ensure healthy futures, eliminate barriers, and foster cooperation and understanding for people with disabilities with priority for seniors, veterans, and children.”

Exchange Club of Vicksburg
Long Business Description:

Goal is to serve as an advocate for the community’s children, provide supportive services to area families, improve the quality of family life, foster a happy, productive life for each child, and educating the community about child abuse, and neglect.

Phone Number: (601) 634-0557
Address: 3527 Manor Drive, Ste. F
City: Vicksburg
ZIP Code: 39180

Help Me Grow Mississippi
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Long Business Description:

From the website:

The Help Me Grow Advocacy Statements

1. Early childhood systems must promote the healthy development of each and every child.

2. Integration of cross-sector services and supports is necessary to ensure families have timely access to appropriate services that meet their needs.

3. To function optimally, early childhood systems must maximize resources, leverage opportunities, and advance a coalition working collaboratively toward a shared agenda.

4. Demonstrating collective impact requires a shared vision and common approach to measurement.

Phone Number: Dr. Linda West at 601-957-7670
Address: Mississippi Families For Kids, 407 Briarwood Drive, Suite 209
City: Jackson
ZIP Code: 39206

Millcreek of Magee Treatment Center
Long Business Description:

Millcreek is dedicated to changing the lives of children and adolescents who are struggling with depression, addiction, and developmental disabilities.

Phone Number: (601) 228-1672 or (855) 667-3070
Address: 900 1st Ave NE
City: Magee
ZIP Code: 39111

NFusionX-Crossover Xpand
Long Business Description:

NFusionX-Crossover Xpand is a youth program center for ages 3-21. Multiple systems are involved such as child protective services, alternative education, juvenile justice, mental health services, and others. The purpose of the program is to help families or youth receive multiple services through one agency. A referral is not needed.

Website: YouTube Link
Phone Number: (601) 693-3806
Address: 823 Highway 19 N., Suite 510
City: Meridian
ZIP Code: 39307

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