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Mental Wellness Through Poetry – Debbie Little

“The new year embraces promise
for a newborn, declaration.
I relinquish living as a noun
and vow to sculpt
myself into a verb.
No longer an inanimate object,
now a viable, dynamic being.
Resurrected from a drab,
mundane existence,
passion courses my veins –
I am transformed!”

– Transformed

Debbie Little

What you just read was a poem written after Debbie Little overdosed. She states she was given a wake up call and a second chance. She thought the best thing to do would be to figure out what’s really wrong.

Through Debbie’s work, you can truly feel her pain come right off the pages.

“Is it a curse, this two faced
illness—Manic Depression?”
– The Blessed Curse

Through Debbie Little’s work she exudes an almost endearing likeness of pain and struggle through her mental illness. Each word or phrase provides insight into her beautiful mind. As a result, once you’ve finished reading one of her poems, it leaves you with a sense of hopefulness…because as she state in “Mural of the Mind”:

“Mental illness stimulates
a primal artistic flair.”

Therefore, through her struggles she is able to present her harrowing story on a page better than most.


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