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Mental Health Monday: College in the Age of COVID-19

by Sylvionna Moten-Horton, Community Outreach Intern

African American young woman in multicolored blouse sitting on a bench under trees and smiling.

Sylvionna Moten-Horton, Tougaloo College student and Miss Tougaloo College 2020-2021

Tougaloo College made the decision to delay its campus return until the spring semester, as COVID-19 numbers increased on other returning campuses. Although this profound decision prioritized student health, it also stifled the hopes of many students who were eagerly awaiting their return to the Eagle Queen, at long last. For most students, it has eluded them since spring of last year, when the coronavirus first forced learning online.

In response to this dilemma, the Student Government Association sought to provide students a day to process the new normal. After a meeting with President Walters and her extended cabinet, students were granted this mental health day. It is the hope of the SGA and Tougaloo Administration that, as students navigate these constantly changing circumstances, they will know that their student leaders and collegiate officials care about their health holistically. 

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