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Raise awareness and fight the stigma about mental illness with your license plate.

300 Applications Needed. Sign up today!

Dear NAMI Friends and Supporters,

NAMI Mississippi, the state’s organization of the National Alliance on Mental Illness, is excited to announce that the state Legislature has granted approval for you to have your own personalized NAMI car tag. We count on your financial support to enable us to educate, advocate, and support Mississippians, families, and communities affected by mental illness. With the approval of the car tag, we are asking for your help once again.

Before the license plate can go into production, the state requires that we have 300 supporters put a $31 down payment on the personalized NAMI tag.

Just think about it. When driving around with your Fight the Stigma of Mental Illness tag, you support NAMI’s program to improve the lives of those affected by mental illness including children, veterans, and families. NAMI expands the resources provided by your generosity by training others such as teachers and caregivers to impact their communities. With the tag as a conversation starter, you may have the opportunity to share your experience with others. We are grateful that so many of you have made given time and money to support NAMI, including our members.

A portion of the revenue received from the sale of each personalized tag will help fund programming at MPB. The car tag is an excellent way for you to publicly show your support for NAMI. We know, with your help, that we will reach our goal. We would like to have 300 people sign up by November 1. That way the tags will be ready January 2017. In the event that we do not hit 300 by November, we will continue this promotional effort until January 2017. If we are unsuccessful, we will return your fee. Let’s make sure that isn’t necessary.

We have received a lot of interest in the NAMI license plate. Here’s what you can do to help us realize our goal of reaching 300 participants, and hopefully even exceed that number.

  1. Print and fill out the form found here. We need your original signature.
  2. Prepare a check or money order in the amount of $31.
  3. Make out your check or money order to NAMI Mississippi.
  4. Mail the check or money order and form to:

Sitaniel Wimbley, Account Manager
NAMI Mississippi
2618 Southerland Street Ste. 100
Jackson, MS 39216

If you have questions, please call Ms. Wimbley at (601) 899-9058. Thanks in advance for supporting NAMI Mississippi.

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