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Immediate Legislative Action Alert! HB’s 256, 300, 329, 334, 746, 1064, and 1150

It is imperative for HB1546 to meet the committee deadline TODAY, Tues, Feb 5.  We are asking that you contact the following House Public Health Committee members and stress the importance of this mental health legislation for the people of our state. Listed below are the representatives on the House Public Health Committee:
Sam Mims, Chair
Chris Johnson, Vice-Chair
Shane Aguirre
Nick Bain
Chris Bell
Scott Bounds
Chris Brown
Cedric Burnett
Bryant Clark
Deborah Dixon
Jarvis Dortch
Debra Gibbs
Jeffrey Guice
Joey Hood
Mac Huddleston
Doug McLeod
Nolan Mettetal
Tom Miles
Brent Powell
Noah Sanford
Dennis Scoggin
Omeria Scott
Fred Shanks
Kathy Sykes
Percy Watson
Jason White
Please call the offices of Chairman Sam Mims and the other representatives on the House Public Health Committee. Please tell them that you support House Bill 1546 and urge them to make sure it comes out of committee. We also need you to contact your respective representatives from your district to let them know you support House Bill 1546. If you know your representative responds to cell phone calls, texts or Facebook messages, contact them via those ways as well.

Please share with them that the proposed legislation is designed to make the commitment process easier for families that have loved ones in need of mental health services or treatment for alcohol and substance abuse.  HB1546 can have a positive impact on the mental health system in our state.

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