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Feautured Organization – Canopy Children’s Solutions

Today we are highlighting Canopy Children’s Solutions (Canopy), formerly known as Mississippi Children’s Home Services. It is Mississippi’s most comprehensive nonprofit provider of children’s behavioral health, educational, and social service solutions. Founded in 1912 as an adoption agency, Canopy has served the children and families of Mississippi for over 100 years. Their solutions developed for Mississippi’s children, youth, and families continue to evolve to meet society’s changing needs. Today, Canopy serves all 82 counties through a full range of innovative solutions.
At Canopy, they believe their families and communities deserve the very best. To insure the success of a family and their child within our residential services, they provide a family partner who connects with the family to achieve stability in all aspects of their life including access to mental health care for their child, other children in the family, and for themselves.  The family partner offers and provides (as needed) assistance with resources such as access to DMH certified community based mental health centers; access to transportation (Medicaid based or public transportation if available); access to certified housing (shelters or housing agency); connecting the families to recreational activities in their community; connecting the family to summer programs for children close to their communities; connecting families with skills training; connecting families with job opportunities in their community; encouraging families to adhere with aftercare treatment when their child returns to home. Building a trusting relationship with the guardian and the child’s family as whole is conducive of the healing process for child and family therefore the family partner knows the child, not just the guardian.
“I love working with families because I know what they are facing because I have to navigate the mental health system with my daughter. While it may continue to be a difficult journey, each families need to rejoice in every success of recovery that their child will experience, continue to love them, and help the child realize how strong they are. ” – Muna Eltom, Family Partner, Canopy Children’s Solutions

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