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NAMI Mississippi Committee Descriptions

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Executive Committee

The Executive Committee shall be comprised of the President, the two Vice-Presidents, the Secretary, the Treasurer and the Executive Director as an ex-officio member. The President shall act as Chairman and the Secretary as Secretary of the committee. In the interim between the meetings of the Board of Directors, the Executive Committee shall have and shall exercise all of the powers of the Board, save and except only, the powers to fill vacancies in the Board of Directors and to remove officers elected or appointed by the Board of Directors. The Executive Committee provides oversight on behalf of the Board; acts as intermediary in reviewing and making recommendations for Board action and consideration in order to better focus Board discussion and action; and may act on behalf of the Board in accordance with this section when the full Board is unable to meet and take action.

Conference Committee

The Conference Committee works with designated staff to solicit and review proposals for workshops and poster presentations at the annual convention, plans annual convention programs and activities and ensures that the information needs of NAMI Mississippi’s consumers, families and diverse constituencies are addressed.

Development Committee

The Development Committee oversees development and implementation of NAMI Mississippi’s development plan and activity.

Education and Support Programs Committee

The Education and Support Programs Committee provides oversight and assists with promotion and development of the NAMI Mississippi support and education programs

Finance & Audit Committee

The Finance Committee is chaired by the Treasurer. The Finance Committee oversees the overall financial condition of the corporation, as well as oversees the performance and reporting of the independent auditors.

Governance Committee

The Governance Committee is responsible for NAMI Mississippi Board operations and the overall operation of NAMI MS in accordance with its Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, and Policies and Procedures.

Personnel Committee

The Personnel Committee develops and implements annually, unless the Board determines otherwise, the evaluation process and instrument to be used with respect to the Executive Director and reporting to the Board for action as may be required.

Planning Committee

The Planning Committee promotes and coordinates strategic planning at all levels of NAMI MS in order to promote effectiveness, efficiency, qualitative standards and capacity as a organization by and for consumers, families and others advocating for the needs of persons with mental illness.

Policy Committee

The Policy Committee is responsible for NAMI Mississippi’s advocacy and for ensuring adherence to NAMI MS’s mission from a policy perspective. The committee oversees efforts to assure that NAMI MS is the preeminent advocate for mental health and mental health care.

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